LEAD CARBON Series - Double Life Batteries


Standard lead-acid batteries have a big advantage over lithium batteries, a large discharge capacity (up to C3). But to counter sulphation that would greatly reduce the life of the battery, there is a much longer charge time with lead-acid batteries (up to 10 hours = 0.1). The new Lead Carbon technology offers the solution here:
The negative plates of these batteries are made from lead and Carbon and thus combine the advantages of normal lead-acid batteries with those of a supercapacitor. The addition of Carbon ensures that these batteries have a higher charge acceptance and therefore have to charge for less time than regular lead-acid batteries. Moreover, they provide more power and are more resistant to (extremely) low temperatures. By adding Carbon to the negative plate there is also less resistance resulting in a longer life. In addition, this latest technology suppresses sulphation better than any other technology.

What is a PSOC battery?

PSOC stands for Partial State of Charge. Most standard batteries are not PSOC compatible and require a full recharge after each discharge to achieve long life. Performing a full recharge of a battery takes a significant amount of time. A PSOC compatible battery does not require a full recharge every cycle and is therefore much faster and easier to recharge. Lead Carbon Cyclic Batteries are true PSOC compatible batteries. Frequent discharge and recharging will quickly kill standard batteries, but these Cyclic Batteries will deliver exceptional performance in this type of application, thanks to their PSOC compatibility.